About Tatung

Established in 1918 and headquartered in Taipei, Tatung Company has evolved into a conglomerate from its substantial heritage. From its inception, Tatung has abided by its founding values of “Integrity, Honesty, Industry, and Frugality”. The Company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange(TSE)under the trading code of 2371.

Tatung Company holds 3 business groups, which including 7 business units such as Digital Display Solution and Digital Accessories BUs, Home Appliance BU, New Energy BU, ICT & Energy Solutions BU, Heavy Electric BU, Wire & Cable BU, and Motor BU. To sustain strong and long-term growth, Tatung focuses particularly on the development of advanced technologies and global network of operation. With its overseas branches expanding into 12 countries, Tatung is in a solid position to deliver products more efficiently and render customer services more effectively. Tatung offers customers tremendous advantages on cost, speed, and seamless backend support to stay ahead in today's dynamic business world. Tatung specializes in the ODM/OEM business and serves branded customers on a global basis.

As a conglomerate, Tatung’s investees involve in some major industries such as optoelectronics, energy, telecommunication, system integration, industrial system, branding channel, and asset development. Those that are public listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange include Chunghwa Picture Tubes(2475), Forward Electronics(8085), Shan Chih Semiconductor(3579), Green Energy Technology(3519), Tatung Fine Chemicals(4738: Emerging stock market), Elitegroup Computer Systems(2331), and Tatung System Technologies(8099).

About Tatung Mexico

For all you know, you may have watched the World Cup on television made on Mexico’s northern border, most likely in Tijuana-Mexicali area of Baja California or Ciudad Juarez in the state of Chihuahua. It is there, in Ciudad Juarez, that the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturer (ODM) giant, Tatung, has the settle down.

One of the stronger players in a sector that has established Mexico as a major exporter, Tatung was drawn by the country’s geographical location – next door to the world’s largest consumer of electronic products – and lower duties as a result of its trade agreements with other nations, among other advantages.

Tatung’s factory in Ciudad Juárez, which began operating fifteen years ago with a PC assembly program for Hewlett-Packard and Compaq, has been assembling flat-screen television for the last eight years, even since corporate headquarters decided to transfer PC productions to its Asian plants to reduce cost and allocate television production to Mexico.

The first televisions Tatung Mexico assembled were LCD screens, which, "consume half the electricity a cathode ray television does”. That technology was replaced with LED technology to produce, a “more environmentally friendly television given its low electricity consumption and enhanced quality”.

Tatung Mexico Building